brian licor (shroom_farmer) wrote in revolutionaryid,
brian licor

America has spoken

America has spoken. they have decided to restrict our civil liberties in the name of christianity. america has spoken to make it hard on us to get health insurance. america has spoken to put education on hold.

so what are our values? we dont want abortion because they dont want to kill inocent lives, but they dont help to make childrens lives around the world any easier. i have been living without healthcare since this summer. what are our values, when we built this country because we wanted to govern ourselves, not by some imperialistic nation, yet we do the same in the middle east. what are our values, when we want nations to work and cooperate with us, yet we dont work together with all nations.

when it comes to civil liberties, our nation has had our problems. It was only after the civil war that Afro-Americans were allowed to marry in all areas of the U.S.. It was only after a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1967 that mixed race couples could marry anywhere in the U.S.. But, until recently, same-sex couples could not marry here in the u.s. because its morally incorect. women in the 20's could not vote or hold high positions in jobs because it was morally incorect. in the 60's, their was segregation everywhere, because to mix whites and blacks would to tear the moral fabric of society. again, history has been repeating itself.

we fight the war on terrorism, but we can never get rid of terrorism. revolutionist can never fight america head on, so they use terrorism. and we cant fight that. they are everywhere, yet there are nowhere. and america does not get it. we have not learned our mistakes from vietam. we say that sadam hussien was evil, but are we any better? is it wise to use exessive violence to combat violence? good is mesured by the size of your gun. besides, we have brought this problem to ourselves, ever since we put up the state of israel, and we pissed off many ppl living in palestine.

when it comes to domestic issues, are children to blame for the mistakes of the parents? if you were born into a poor family, you cannot afford many things the wealthy kid can. he can go to a better school, and acheive a better education. he can have good health coverage. he can live a less stressfull life. where as the poor kid, has to struggle thru everyday life, and deal with issues at home. many people dont see the struggle of the everyday life of this kid. again, i ask, what is our values?

by Brian Licor, with special thanks to my awsome buuuudy, Steven Magner.
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