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Bush Wins: America Loses

The election’s over and I’m feeling just a little bit let down. John Kerry lost and now we’ve got four more years of George W. Bush. Honestly, I just don’t understand it; I really thought that after the first four years, that most Americans would see the mess we’re in and realize that it’s time to do some nation building here at home.
When you consider some of the following, it really just doesn’t make sense that George W. Bush was reelected. We are in a situation in Iraq that we won’t likely be out of anytime soon. Our invasion and occupation of Iraq has created more danger for the United States; the people that we went to Iraq to liberate are now fighting against us. The situation there is one of ever-increasing danger. David T. Williams, a Retired Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Navy, said this of the Iraq situation, “The situation here is steadily deteriorating not just from my perspective but also from those who I talk to who have been in-country for a year or more…The bottom line is that we (U.S.A.) are involved in an Urban Warfare situation and we are playing defense…Defensive posture does not work in winning Urban Warfare…If we are not willing to go after the enemy then we should pull out altogether. Half measures that result in continued sacrificing of the lives of our countrymen is unacceptable. This may be a slow bleed but it is constant…Even more exasperating is the effect of this insurgency on the people of Iraq who really desire change. They are being killed at a much higher rate and their sense of hope is fading.” Since March 2003, 1,127 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq.
Secondly, many of the states that George W. Bush carried in this election, such as Ohio and South Carolina, have seen significant job loss due to the policies of his administrations. President Bush’s heavy support of free trade and lower taxes for the rich have severely hurt the American worker, yet many American workers still voted for him. In South Carolina, we have lost more jobs under George Bush than we have lost since…The Great Depression! Not only are people finding that jobs are scarce, but the cost of living has risen significantly. Prices of health care, education, and gasoline have all risen dramatically under this administration. There is less government money to fund education and medicine programs because of the President’s tax cut for the wealthiest Americans. The revenue from the taxes of the rich makes up a considerable amount of federal money; with this money being returned to rich people, federal programs have gone without funding, states have found themselves with less help from the government, and as a result health care, education, and state taxes have risen significantly. 44 million people in the United States now have no health care…at all.
I think the problem is that people just automatically believe their leaders, regardless of all the evidence right in front of them. I think that’s the only explanation when the family of a soldier killed in Iraq votes for the man who sent his son to die. It’s the only possible explanation when someone whose job was outsource to India, China, or Honduras votes for the man who said that outsourcing is a good thing. I am simply perplexed. My only hope is that after four more years of George W. Bush people will finally wake up and realize what has happened to our country. There was a time, about four years ago, when we had a budget surplus, sustained economic growth, a friendly relationship with the rest of the world, affordable health care, jobs for our workers, and $0.63 gas. Somehow, George W. Bush and the Republican Party have convinced America that reversing these things is good for America and good for the world. It looks a lot different when it’s laid out that plainly doesn’t it?
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