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brian licor

consumer price index

this is the percent change of prices on selected items. the change is from 1990 goods/services to 2003 goods services.

college tuition and other fees.....+150.7%
elementary and high school tuition and fees.....+149%
hospital services, nursing homes and aldult day care.....+141.4%
educational books and supplies.....+104.6%
dental services.....+98.5%
housing at school, exluding board.....+96.3%
prescription drugs and medical supplies.....+90.8%
motor vehicle insurance.....+85.2%
fees for lessons and instructions.....+82.4%
public transportations within city.....+62.1%
motor vehicle maintenance and repair.....+55%
rent of primary residence.....+53.2%
gasoline(all types).....+51%
motor oil, coolant and fluids.....+46.4%
eye glasses and eye care.....+36.6%
nonprescription medical equipment and supplies.....+32.8%
over the counter drugs.....+28.1%
housekeeping supplies.....+27%
vehicle parts and equipment other than tires.....+7.6%

but, there is good news

mens foot wear.....-1.7%

theirs an act called the american jobs creation act, h.r. 4520. more information about that later, but what i do understand is that this act will decrease federal revenue by 4 billion 2005, 8 billion by 2006, and 4 billion by 2007. the deficit will also increase.
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hey man,

im in australia (the 51st state) and i recently signed to this livejournal thing. good idea expressing yoyur view through this. im an avid fan of ernesto too and feel that its up to our generation to change this place. and it is. i dream about change all day. its the only thing keeping me alive. without your convictions you are nothing. apreciate it if we could keep in contact.
gracias' amigo.
thanks, im glad someone agrees. altho i dont agree with everything he did, he is a poster child for revolution. i have a dream of laying the foundations for change, but i need suporters.
Just out of curiousity; what exactly do you disagree with Che on?
he once said that hatred should be a force used for the revolution. i agree with this partly. call me a hippie, but i believe it should be the love of ones country, and not the hate of ones enemy. hatred blinds.
I get what you're saying. I'm gonna have to think about where I stand on that one.
che's hatred only came from his love.

he loved humans, and he had to watch them suffer.
he got angry at the ones who oppressed their own kind.
so angry - that he hated oppression.
every part of it.

that hatred, which rooted in and grew from his love, should (in my opinion) be a force used for revolution.

true, but we still have to be carefull on how we use hatred and revenge.

besides, what can you build out of bloodshed only? fight evil with evil, and the end result would be evil. im not saying violence is bad tho, only violence by itself.