brian licor (shroom_farmer) wrote in revolutionaryid,
brian licor

consumer price index

this is the percent change of prices on selected items. the change is from 1990 goods/services to 2003 goods services.

college tuition and other fees.....+150.7%
elementary and high school tuition and fees.....+149%
hospital services, nursing homes and aldult day care.....+141.4%
educational books and supplies.....+104.6%
dental services.....+98.5%
housing at school, exluding board.....+96.3%
prescription drugs and medical supplies.....+90.8%
motor vehicle insurance.....+85.2%
fees for lessons and instructions.....+82.4%
public transportations within city.....+62.1%
motor vehicle maintenance and repair.....+55%
rent of primary residence.....+53.2%
gasoline(all types).....+51%
motor oil, coolant and fluids.....+46.4%
eye glasses and eye care.....+36.6%
nonprescription medical equipment and supplies.....+32.8%
over the counter drugs.....+28.1%
housekeeping supplies.....+27%
vehicle parts and equipment other than tires.....+7.6%

but, there is good news

mens foot wear.....-1.7%

theirs an act called the american jobs creation act, h.r. 4520. more information about that later, but what i do understand is that this act will decrease federal revenue by 4 billion 2005, 8 billion by 2006, and 4 billion by 2007. the deficit will also increase.
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